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What to expect?

The focus of the work is always on open communication. This is the foundation of the UpBeat ethos. If you get that right then everything builds much better on top of that. 

We purposely create situations that take people out of their comfort zone and provide support and constructive feedback that result in the improved overall performance of the individual and the organisation.  

By working through these situations each participant can develop their confidence and assertiveness and at the same time, the group as a whole develops more trust and connection

The result is a team ready to work together in a more collaborative way with stronger motivation and clarity towards a shared vision.​


‘This was a great session! I feel an increased buzz from the guys, and I feel the core reason is they have increased trust in me, and in everyone else. A great outcome.’

Keith Banwaitt Co-Founder Tappter 


Watch the short video above to get an insight into the UpBeat workshops


The Process


In this part we have a conversation. It’s for you to share any relevant info about your team. What are the current challenges. What’s working well. What outcome do you want to get. The more you share the more impact the work will have. We’ll also discuss everything to do with logistics.


This is where everything we spoke about in the assessment call is put together into a plan which will be used in the workshops. From many tools and exercises, we’ll choose the ones that would work best for your team. 
Bear in mind that although we’ll have a plan for the day we’ll keep things flexible. That’s because when a team finds its own natural rhythm in the workshops it’s better not to interrupt and let them find the desired outcomes in their own way.


This is when we move into action with everyone. We move. We drum. We use rhythms and a selection of practices that merge fun and challenge to lead your team to the desired outcome. The impact of the work will be directed both to individuals and the team as a whole.


After every workshop, we’ll have another conversation to check how clear everyone is with applying what they’ve experienced and learned. We’ll also analyse whether there were other benefits that came out of the work. This can bring clarity into where positive transformation has already started to happen and what might still need attention.


The Workshops

Team Alchemy

Learn simple ingredients that can make the team work together to the same beat


• Deeper trust through more open, direct & effective communication 

• Better individual and team performance

• A deeper understanding of the shared vision

We Are All Leaders

Develop a stronger sense of awareness and responsibility of individuals


• Boost of confidence & assertiveness 

• Boost of motivation

• A wider range of communication tools

Breaking The Mould

Refresh, challenge and improve the thinking patterns of your leadership team


• Removal of thinking patterns that slow the team down

• Stronger sense of belonging, engagement & commitment

• More openness to try and apply new ideas


The following is available for individual support and teams that work remotely:


Individual sessions (45m/90m) are available on 1, 3, 6 Months plan

Sessions available f2f / phone / Video calls over Zoom /Login from anywhere in the world

Online team alchemy sessions

90-120 minutes sessions for teams who work remotely. 

These sessions can help you lead to better results by building stronger relationships and improve communication between people.


Price: from £600 - £2500 per group session

Price includes:

The full process of Assessment → Design → Delivery → Evaluation 

Percussion instruments and transportation in London/South East (UK)