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For your events

Do you want a speaker or entertainment?

Why not having both at the same time?

Yaron Engler is a master in delivering high energy interactive talks with powerful insights that create a memorable event.

Working together we can ensure that the length and content fits in with the vision and theme of your event. 


Themes include: 

Self Leadership

• How to develop a strong sense of self awareness towards growth 

• The way you show up and how it impacts the people around you 

• The power of embodiment 


• The powerful lessons music, drums and rhythm can teach us about communication  

• The hidden communication skills & tools that make a huge difference 

• How to cultivate open and honest communication


• How to let go of fear of judgment and over thinking 

• The good things about making mistakes 

• How to find, develop and be proud of your unique creative path


What people say

'Yaron gets things going. Fast. No faffing about. The energy is off the scale, immediately. Yaron – is literally bouncing off walls, chairs, people and drums. He shoutsings, don’t know what else to call it. It’s electric. It’s utterly precise and pinpointed, and, at the same time, loosely, inspirationally, creatively wild. Beautifully unhinged.’

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