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→ Do you want to boost the levels of engagement of your people? 

→ Would you benefit from having more trust in your teams? 

→ Do you want your teams to disrupt and challenge the status quo in constructive ways and with confidence?


Creating the 

environment for your people to thrive through interactive team events based on

drumming, rhythm & movement 

‘The team thought the experience was super empowering. I would totally recommend it to any company who wants to build a deeper layer of trust between its people.’  

Jess Nicks - Head of Advertising at Audio Network


Drumming? Movement? Rhythm?

What does that have to do with my company?

Fair question.

Solving problems of trust, engagement and confidence isn’t always simple.

Too often these problems are being handled in the 'head level'.

Sitting. Talking. Writing. Memorising.

The body stays passive and not surprisingly so do the results. 

When people are closed things get stuck.


Learning through the body works better because it creates much easier and direct access to higher levels of wisdom and interaction. 

So we move, drum and play many rhythms.  

As a result, people are willing to remove their habitual barriers and defences much faster and have a much more open, honest and fruitful communication.

Oh. Yes. It's also much more fun to work like that.

‘The opportunity for us to connect on a much deeper level was fantastic and even in a short space of time I felt the team connected and learnt more about each other and our strengths and vulnerabilities than we would have done in any other situation.’

Sally Domingo Jones, Head of Communications, City & Guilds



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