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Disrupt the status quo in your workplace: empower individual development and make good teams truly great.


Cracking the code to corporate change

Everyone has unique talents and skills, strengths and also weaknesses – things that hold us back from performing at our best. 


Finding the answers to questions around engagement, communication, confidence and trust isn’t straightforward. Too often these issues are only handled on the 'head level'. Talking. Writing. Sitting. The body remains passive – and so do the results. When people are closed things get... stuck.


Active learning uses the body to teach us how to access greater levels of self-awareness and communication. So we move, we drum and we play rhythms. We open our minds. No kumbaya though, we promise.


The results? More open, honest and fruitful communication; people who are prepared to remove their habitual barriers and defences in the workplace; an overall better company culture.

Oh – and it’s much more fun to work this way, too.


We offer flexible opportunities because the needs of no two companies are quite alike.



Half-day workshops for groups of up to 8 people. The focus is on open communication. We purposely create situations that take people slightly out of their comfort zone and provide support and constructive feedback that result in improved overall performance of the individual and the organisation.

By working through these situations each participant can develop their confidence and assertiveness. At the same time, the group as a whole develops better trust and connection.

The result is a team ready to work together in a more collaborative way, with stronger motivation and clarity towards a shared vision.

Suitable for: seminars, team building events, retreats, corporate dinners, company days out

"I would totally recommend the workshop to any company which wants to build a deeper layer of trust between its people - it helps people to take off their work masks and create better conversations" – Jess Nicks, Audio Network



With playful, engaging and thought-provoking talks and presentations, UpBeat Performance founder Yaron Engler shares ideas around communication, agility, creativity, leadership and mental health.

Suitable for: seminars, conferences, team building events, company days out, retreats, trade shows, expos, product launches, corporate dinners, charity events, networking events, charity events.

"Our company hugely enjoyed Yaron's performance to reinforce our values and behaviours - I would recommend him for any corporate events and workshops to uplift your teams in a meaningful way, charge them with some positive energy and make a difference"

– Margarita Ziborova, Head of HR, East West Rail



Interactive group sessions for up to 30 people, designed as part of your event. These could be short, booster sessions interspersed throughout the day, or up to one hour team building sessions. The specifications of the workshops are designed according to your needs.

These sessions are the perfect solution to break the ice, bring people together and create a sense of collaboration and communication. We have fun. We're active. We drum and create amazing rhythms together.

Suitable for: seminars, conferences, team building events, company days out, retreats, trade shows, expos, product launches, corporate dinners, charity events, networking events, charity events.

"A great session! I feel an increased buzz from the guys, and I feel the core reason is they have increased their trust in me, and in everyone else. A great outcome" – Keith Banwaitt, CEO Tappter



Using our techniques with younger people helps them to develop confidence and a strong sense of self-belief.


Our main focuses are on are positive thinking; opening the mind about all the possibilities life has to offer; learning how to connect to other people and with themselves on a deeper level and, of course, having fun. 

Suitable for: schools, colleges, charities, and other organisations who focus on social change. 

"Time and again I've watched Yaron transform a room of shy and self-conscious young people into a rousing band of musicians, proud and strong"

– Lucy Moelwyn-Hughes, Hofesh Schecter Company





It all begins with a conversation. It’s for you to share any relevant information about your team: what the current challenges are; what’s working well; what outcome you're hoping for. The more you share, the more impact our work will have.



There are many tools and exercises to use, and we’ll choose the ones that will work best for your team. Although a clear plan will be built for the event, we always keep things flexible – when a team is finding its own natural rhythm in our workshops, we don’t want to interrupt the flow, we want to let people find the desired outcomes in their own way.



Using a selection of practices that merge fun and entertainment with fresh challenges and new patterns of thinking, we’ll lead your team to the desired outcomes. The impact of the work is directed to individuals and the group as a whole.


Yaron Engler

Yaron has spent more than 20 years exploring and road testing mindfulness so nothing is taught that he has’t tried out himself. 

A professional drummer who has performed and worked around the world, Yaron’s direct, honest and playful approach inspires and motivates clients and audiences to create simple, positive change resulting in personal growth.


Yaron believes that creating self-awareness in people is the key to their long-lasting success in the workplace. He's passionate about bringing the best out of individuals who are committed to creating a clear purpose, with a positive social and environmental impact.

Ronan McKee

Ronan is the Classical Percussion tutor at Queens University Belfast. He performs with several orchestras and has collaborated on productions and tours with a variety of companies.

An experienced educational facilitator, he runs music workshops across Ireland with his own company, Play Percussion. He’s also created educational programmes for the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra and The Pushkin Trust.

Ronan believes drumming is a powerful tool for communication and expression that we all have the ability to access.


“Yaron's approach to working with people of all ages and backgrounds is not only inspiring but also very human; he truly connects with the people he works with, and has a way of capturing their minds and imaginations, encouraging people to push boundaries and express themselves in a new and refreshing way.”

Laura Broome, Project Manager, Hofesh Shechter Company

"In a short space of time I felt the team connected and learnt more about each other and our strengths and vulnerabilities than we would have done in any other situation.’"

Sally Domingo Jones, Head of Communication, City & Guilds

"The group found the workshop creative and useful – by the end they were able to confront what held them back in their roles and themselves, and how they can aspire to be the leaders they desire to become."

Jenny Hoilday, Senior Coordinator, Medway NHS Foundation Trust


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